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Science JR. workshop @ Mei Foo
Visit our workshop at Mei Foo Sun Chuen for fun & hands-on science activities.
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Call us at 9546 5123 to reserve your place.

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simply send an email to info@science-jr.com

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[NEW] Little Scientist Training Scheme

Classes run on Saturdays, 10:30-11:45 am at YMCA of HK (Tsim Sha Tsui) for children age 6-10.

Places are filling up fast, ENROLL NOW to prevent disappointment.
Enquiries and enrollment, please visit:
www.ymcahk.org.hk/ or call 2268 7755


Current and Upcoming courses:
2017 April -
Circuit Lab 電路實驗室 (Age6-10)
Revisit the basics of an electric circuit and take on various challenges
to create your own electrical devices. Design it and build it!
Inventions can happen anywhere.

2017 May -
Fun Engineering 創意工程師 (Age 6-10)
To build things, they must first be engineered.
How do engineers design and build complex and practical systems?
Time to think like an engineer!

2017 July 15 - August 12
Speedy Lab 速度研究院 (Age6-10)
It's all about speed.
Learn how to measure speed and make things go faster than before.
Let's find out the crutial factor for top speed!

2017 August 19 - September 16
Machine Designer 機器設計師 (Age 6-10)
Machines have made work done easier and more convenient.
Wonder how these great inventions are made?
Build an electric motor and other machines and creating inspiration from within.

Air Rocket Show

Science JR. presented our famous rocket show at the Canadian International School.
After learning why and how rockets are launched to space,
we had launched over 100 rockets to the roof!
It was so much fun!

Call us now for this edu-tainment activity at your place!

Find us for details: 9546 5123 or info@science-jr.com
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