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Science JR. believes that when it comes to learning, nothing beats doing and seeing it for yourself.
In every Science JR. class, children build his/her own project that brings science to live.
From Biology, Chemistry, Physics to Architect, we offer a wide range of science exposure programmes
that are suitable for childen ages 4-15.

Great hands-on science experience & bring home projects for further exploration.

For schools and organizations:
* Extra Curricular Activity
* Co-Curricular Activity
* Air Rocket Show
* Science Day Camp
* Science Activities at School Fair
* Teachers' Training Workshop^
* Team Building Activities with Science^

For children age 4-15:
* Science Interest Class
* Science Day Camp (on school holidays)
* Overnight Science Exploration Camp
* Outdoor Field Trip
* Science Party
* Leadership Training with Science^

^ Our trainings are conducted by professional trainers and experienced instructors with following qualifications:
- Master Degree in Science/ Master Degree in Social Science
- Certified NLP Coach
- Certified NLP Practioner
- Certified Child-centered Play Therapy Practitioner
- Adventure based Counselling Activity Instructor (Low Event)

Find us for details: 9546 5123 or info@science-jr.com
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