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Science JR. offers ECA to schools, organizations and community centers.
We also deliver private classes at your desired place.
In each class, students will learn and build their science projects in about 60 minutes.

Our Science ECA encompass a rich variety of science topics, providing valuable opportunities
for experiencing the hands-on side of science. Classes are interactive, fun-filled with our
unique science games and demonstrations.

Starting July 2020, we now open up slots for "to-door" STEM activities on weekdays and selected weekends.
Come with a different theme every month, sImply open your door and have fun!

Each session lasts for 45-60 minutes.
Slots are limited, contact us for arrangement.

Call / Whatsapp: 9546 5123

Extra-curricular Activities (ECA)
Science JR. offers ECA to both local and international schools.
Each class is about 60 minutes, packed with unique science games and demonstrations,
and a DIY project to take home.

We run Science ECA at 3 levels:
Level 1 (Grade1-3 /P1-3), Level 2 (Grade 4-6/ P4-6) & Level 3 (Grade 7-8/ S1-2).

Below are some sample topics, we also tailor made our programme to suit your needs.

Classes are conducted primarily in English.
Cantonese class is also available upon request.

Students will bring home their science projects after class, and are encouraged to mix and match
their science projects to create their own inventions.

Find us at 9546 5123 or info@science-jr.com to know more about our programmes,
and arrange an unique, fun ECA for your students.

Co-curricular Activities (CCA)
Science JR. offers in-class CCA to schools which provides hands-on Science activities as an extension
of the formal learning experiences. A fun and engaging way to learn and experience the science concepts
being taught in class.
One session takes about 30 minutes.

Call us at 9546 5123 to discuss the details.

Here is one of our famous activties that goes with Space learning:

Call us to arrange a rocket launching event with your students to kick off their exploration in space!

For details, please call 9546 5123 or info@science-jr.com


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Science JR. also provides regular classes and day camps to children age 4-12 at our workshop.
Topic changes every month. Special themed science camps are available on school holidays.
Children will be able to see and do science themselves, and bring home their science projects for
further investigation.

Please visit our Facebook page for latest programme schedule.
We only take in 4 children per class, call us to reserve a spot now.


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Science JR. offers regular STEM classes and Science Day Camps at YMCA of Hong Kong (Tsim Sha Tsui).

Regular courses run on Saturdays:
10:30-11:45am Age 6-10

Enquiries and enrollment, please visit:
www.ymcahk.org.hk/ or call 2268 7755

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Find us for details: 9546 5123 or info@science-jr.com
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